• Temporary Shelter

    When you’re working on site for days, clearly you need shelter and protection from the elements. And, when you want to sleep – beds are nice. This is where we tie off the last loose end in a successful disaster recovery operation.

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    • When hotels are available, we arrange all reservations and details. But, when they aren’t available, we go the next step – offering RV rental, container bunk houses, and of course we are outfitted for tent sites as well.

      We never do anything half way. If you are responsible for recovering business operations, you need to be completely prepared to handle these scenarios. That’s what we do.

    Services include:

    • Hotel access
    • RV rental
    • Container bunkhouses
    • Tents
  • Why Choose Us

    Our authority and experience is unquestioned in the industry. Disaster recovery and business continuity is our specialty – we manage emergency situations for a living.

    • AVAILABILITY…24-7 business continuity emergency response
    • CAPACITY…5 Megawatt instant generator capacity (with more available).
    • SERVICE…Complete coverage turn-key disaster response services
    • RELIABILITY…53 years of experience in disaster recovery
    • DEDICATION…When they say it’s impossible, we make it work