• Temporary Shelter

    When the day is done and you need a good night’s sleep, we have the solution.  If hotel rooms are available, we can manage them for you, but when they are not, we have thousands of alternative housing beds ready to go.  Our sleeper trailers, with their 8 inch mattresses offer the ultimate in comfort.  Close the curtain, plug your device into the USB port or charger at each bunk and recharge yourself and your devices for the next day’s work.  If sleeper trailers are not what you need, we can supply campers, or cots in tents or cots in existing buildings. Let us know what you need!


    Services include:

    • Basecamp
    • Hotel access
    • RV rental
    • Container bunkhouses
    • Tents
    • Alternative Housing
    • Sleeper Trailer
    • Shower Trailer
    • Key Personnel Isolation
    • Temporary Housing
    • Sleeping Quarters
  • Why Choose Us

    Our authority and experience is unquestioned in the industry. Disaster recovery and business continuity is our specialty – we manage emergency situations for a living.

    • AVAILABILITY…24-7 business continuity emergency response
    • CAPACITY…5 Megawatt instant generator capacity (with more available).
    • SERVICE…Complete coverage turn-key disaster response services
    • RELIABILITY…53 years of experience in disaster recovery
    • DEDICATION…When they say it’s impossible, we make it work