• Fleet Services

    Recovery Logistics manages and maintains an extensive fleet of recovery equipment at three locations in the USA. Naturally we maintain our own sizeable equipment fleet, but we also manage client-owned fleets as well. Our staging and maintenance programs are essential for keeping an on demand recovery fleet that is both operable and ready to deploy on a moments notice.

    • DCF 1.0

    • Services include:

      • Secure Storage & Staging
      • Routine Inspection & Exercise
      • Preventative Maintenance
      • Repairs & Upfits
      • Custom building of recovery equipment

  • Why Choose Us

    Our authority and experience is unquestioned in the industry. Disaster recovery and business continuity is our specialty – we manage emergency situations for a living.

    • AVAILABILITY…24-7 business continuity emergency response
    • CAPACITY…5 Megawatt instant generator capacity (with more available).
    • SERVICE…Complete coverage turn-key disaster response services
    • RELIABILITY…53 years of experience in disaster recovery
    • DEDICATION…When they say it’s impossible, we make it work