• Catering

    When catastrophic disaster strikes, food quickly becomes an issue. Recovery Logistics addresses this need with complete meal solutions.

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    • We offer fully staffed kitchens who prepare and cook meals directly on site. And we’re not talking about SPAM® here, these are whole meals that keep the crew working productively. We also arrange off-site catering services that provide high quality meal options.

      It’s important to keep everyone well nourished during a disaster recovery operation. We make sure it happens.

    Services include:

    • Field kitchens
    • Off site catering
  • Why Choose Us

    Our authority and experience is unquestioned in the industry. Disaster recovery and business continuity is our specialty – we manage emergency situations for a living.

    • AVAILABILITY…24-7 business continuity emergency response
    • CAPACITY…5 Megawatt instant generator capacity (with more available).
    • SERVICE…Complete coverage turn-key disaster response services
    • RELIABILITY…53 years of experience in disaster recovery
    • DEDICATION…When they say it’s impossible, we make it work